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equity pooling uses your equity position to access other exciting startups

As founders, executives or a startup employees you will have significant portions of your wealth locked up in singular, illiquid positions as a result of career choices. Your assets and investment strategy should look holistically at the wealth you have earned and accumulated, and should be as independent as possible to your career path.

Apeiros uses equity pooling to take part of your equity and pool it with those of others to give you an investment interest in a diversified pool of equity. By having multiple positions you are more likely to have multiple exit opportunities and therefore better liquidity. By having a diversified portfolio of equity your statistical risk is reduced. 40% of public stocks lose 70% or more of their value and never recover. Diversification protects you from a bad IPO or exit, by both limiting your exposure and leaving you with other opportunities.

good EXITS are hard, rare, and require luck

No matter how exciting the startup, the fact remains that over 90% of venture-backed companies fail. Making it to profitable, valuable and sustainable is hard and inevitably requires luck. Many were once exciting, for sustained periods of time.

VCs make their core returns on ~10% of their portfolio. This is despite them having access to more information, more companies, more choice, and more investment experience.

Diversification across your personal portfolio is responsible and reasonable. We believe it is a basic right. With Apeiros you can mirror VC like diversification.

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equity pooling offers diversification for private holders

Apeiros has a large waiting list of founders, executives and early employees, including dozens of the best companies in the market. They range in lifecycle from seed to pre-IPO.

As your exposure to private companies grows from a single to dozens of positions, the odds of a liquidity event grow from under 10% to 90%+ and future cashflow is smoothed out.