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Sales Director

Israel, Remote

We're seeking a talented Sales Director with a banking or investments background, to lead our Sales in Israel and support Sales Abroad.

This person should be tenacious about closing deals, love finance and investment theory, and be comfortable talking legal and tax. Mother tongue English and experience selling to CEOs, C-Suite and High Net Worth Individuals is a massive advantage.

What you are expected to deliver (Responsibilities)
  • Generate your own pipeline (we have outbound sequences that work)
  • Talk founders, executives and early employees through the intricacies of our structure and the benefits of our product
  • Close a deal a week
  • Work in a methodical and documented manner
What we expect you to bring (Requirements)
  • 3+ years experience in sales, owning a quota
  • Experience in finance, wealth management, tax products or investments
  • Experience with pipeline management
  • Hard work, persistence and perseverance
Nice to have
  • Legal background
  • Accounting or Finance background

About Apeiros

Apeiros is the world's first Equity Pooling platform that allows founders, executives and employees to use their startup equity to access other great businesses and diversify their risk. We have millions of dollars of assets under management.

Founders, executives and early employees live with large, concentrated positions in illiquid, speculative businesses. They are not professional investors and have only a ~10% chance of making money from their holding.

Apeiros solves this problem with Equity Pooling. Equity Pooling allows shareholders to easily shift parts of their highly-concentrated, illiquid holdings into portfolios of diversified, similarly-promising positions. Our many users enjoy a more balanced personal portfolio, less downside risk, and a greater chance of sooner, more frequent liquidity events. We unlock their holdings as a “currency” for acquiring interests in similarly-attractive companies, in a cashless, tax-advantaged transaction. Long-term, we seek to create a unified, liquid, long/short market for every private asset in the world, which will support a variety of additional offerings.